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How We Do It.

With rates less than half the cost of traditional law firms (where actual experience as in-house legal counsel is scarce), we keep true to our business-centric practical approach to providing greater input, faster more flexible delivery, and collaboration – all at a price point that is practical and value-centric.  We leverage our in-house experience and the low overhead of a virtual office to offer progressive fee structures that allow you to better anticipate and budget your monthly legal spend.  As a result, you experience unparalleled legal strategy, review, and advice in day-to-day decision making.

Flexible On-Demand Arrangements.

We structure client relationships in a flexible manner, to create the best fit for you. Clients with no pre-arranged time commitment, seeking on-demand project basis general business legal or litigation services, are charged an hourly rate that is substantially less than the rate charged by larger law firms.

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Monthly Fee Arrangements.

We have developed unique monthly fee packages for our in-house general counsel services. Our Clients commit to pre-pay for a certain number of hours of attorney time each month in exchange for which Our Clients will receive a discount of nearly 55% off normal hourly rates. Our Clients may pre-purchase ten (10), twenty (20), or forty (40) hours per month, and must commit to stay in the program for a certain time period (customized packages are available after consultation). Savings increase the more hours chosen and the longer the commitment. We track time using quarter-hour (15-minute) increments.

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Custom Fee Arrangements.

GLO is committed to serving its clients in the manner most accommodating. To that end, we have made fee arrangements that include a set monthly fee/retainer, client equity, deferred payments, and balloon payments. Contact us to discuss your specific legal requirements and fee structure.

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Through any of the above fee structures, we provide on-demand in-house counsel services for any business legal or litigation issues that arise in the day-to-day running of your business – and we do it timely and on the budget fixed by you.

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