About Contract GC

Our principal, David Glynn, has 24 years’ experience providing legal assistance to his clients, including 15 years as General Counsel for a multi-million dollar IT company.  Mr. Glynn is a member of the State Bar of Arizona and the Missouri State Bar and was the recipient of the AZ Business Leader – Influential Leader Law In-house Counsel (2013-14) award as well as the Arizona Corporate Counsel 2012 Lawyer of the Year – Public Company (Small) award.

We are uniquely qualified to provide innovative practical business-minded solutions for any legal issue or situation.  We work with your management team to identify and evaluate viable options and the resulting impact to your business. We are here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your business goals.  We know that starting and running a business can be tough on your wallet, and we’ve got a number of different options that you and your company can review to keep costs as low as possible.

What We Do.

We help your executive and management teams make expedient, growth-enabling, legally-sound business decisions.  We empower you to make reliable, timely business decisions by combining creativity, legal knowledge, business acumen, and experience.  We do this through on-demand chief legal officer and litigation services for small and medium-sized businesses.  Our service and processes are always guided by our passion for an “in-house” approach to legal counsel.  With the mindset and approach of an in-house lawyer, this unique in-house philosophy puts us at the heart of your business – allowing us to be highly business-focused and strategic in our approach.

Why We Do It.

We understand how business objectives and budgetary constraints impact your decisions. We approach our representation as if we were in-house at your business, which makes for extraordinary differences in the way we work together with our clients. We collaborate with you to find solutions that meet your needs.  Our legal advice is pertinent to your business and integrates with your goals and budget.  As your part-time, on-demand general counsel, we address and coordinate all your company’s business and litigation legal needs and activities and are available when you need us. We are an extension of your executive team.

Meet David Glynn

24-year veteran of contract negotiation in corporate and sports settings with expertise in service contracts including negotiation of multi-million dollar agreements; Practicing attorney and sports agent experienced in contract creation and negotiation – having successfully negotiated in excess of $600 million in contracts for his clients.

Glynn specializes in providing fractional general counsel services by helping small and medium-sized businesses with their legal needs through selfless service, creating a totally different category of law firm – one that brings client service and advocacy to a whole new level, enabling companies to realize their true and full potential. Well-versed in business law, we know exactly what it takes to help our clients with their business endeavors. We’re dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their legal needs and expectations are exceeded.

We are here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your business goals.

Any Questions?

Our Clients face a competitive landscape and we are here to provide proactive on-demand legal solutions with their budgets in mind.  The following list of FAQs are some of the questions being asked and answered as businesses search for the right law firm:

We offer prospective clients a free 30-minute initial consultation. During this initial consult, we get to know you and your business, explain our philosophy and approach to business legal services, and determine how we can support you.  Simply click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button and select a date and time that works best for you and we will call you to get started.

Contracted general counsel, offering part-time, on-demand legal services, provides the legal support Our Clients seek and the cost containment they desire without the expense of a full-time in-house legal resource.  Similar to a full-time in-house general counsel, Contract General Counsel, PLLC maintains your legal function, solves problems, and enables your business to grow, all while mitigating and managing the risks. We strive to be a strategic business partner by putting ourselves “in” your business, making us motivated like you – by the success of your business.  We are the preferred alternative to in-house counsel and traditional law firms.

Contract General Counsel provides the same legal advantages of an in-house lawyer without the cost. We offer over two decades of legal experience and efficient quality legal advice and counsel in a proactive manner – allowing Our Clients to spend less time, energy, and money on conflict resolution.  Our approach enables Our Clients to focus on growing their business.

We proactively develop an overall legal approach and plan for your business which in turn allows you to remain focused on the goals of your business. We provide comprehensive business-centric legal services, focusing on solving your problems in the most efficient possible manner and providing timely legal counsel in advance of problems arising.  As the inevitable legal issues arise, we, as your legal partner, are prepared to engage and take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate any distractions to your business. As may become necessary, Contract General Counsel will also engage third-party experts in areas which require unique expertise beyond the capability of our staff, and we will manage any such engagement.

Contract General Counsel is proud to be a disruption leader in an industry that has largely been unaffected by time and advancement. The NewLaw Revolution is gathering momentum as new legal business models continue to make a positive impact.   Businesses increasingly demand more from their legal advisors – greater input, faster more flexible delivery, and collaboration, and all at a price point that is practical and value-centric.  This Revolution has been at the forefront of our growth platform as we have developed the expertise, flexibility and business model to respond to those demands – along with the desire to offer custom solutions to meet the varied and changing needs of our clients and prospects.  Our lack of an expensive brick and mortar office with a large support staff allow us to keep overhead to a minimum and ensure your dollar goes toward sound timely legal advice.  We maintain virtual offices and flexibility to engage with Our Clients as needed by phone, video conference, web meeting, or in person at their offices.  These features allow us to offer more than competitive pricing for our services and, coupled with the 15 years’ experience as in-house counsel, help us deliver high quality on-demand legal counsel for Our Clients.

Absolutely.  Small and medium-sized businesses without a legal solution often hesitate to seek assistance or simply ignore the issue in hopes it will go away on its own – typically due to the high costs and unpredictable duration of such cost for the legal services from a traditional law firm.  This decision alone can end up costing these businesses more than the monthly fee arrangements.  We understand how timely strategic legal advice can assist Our Clients in making the right smart business decision.  The monthly fee arrangements allow you to cost-effectively engage legal services on the ready as you need them – without the need to educate the law firm every time you engage them or to carry the full-time cost of an in-house legal counsel.  Engage us with your choice of a monthly fee arrangement and call us anytime!

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