What We Do.

We help your executive and management teams make expedient, growth-enabling, legally-sound business decisions.  We empower you to make reliable, timely business decisions by combining creativity, legal knowledge, business acumen, and experience.  We do this through on-demand chief legal officer and litigation services for small and medium-sized businesses.  Our service and processes are always guided by our passion for an “in-house” approach to legal counsel.  With the mindset and approach of an in-house lawyer, this unique in-house philosophy puts us at the heart of your business – allowing us to be highly business-focused and strategic in our approach.

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Why We Do It.

We understand how business objectives and budgetary constraints impact your decisions. We approach our representation as if we were in-house at your business, which makes for extraordinary differences in the way we work together with our clients. We collaborate with you to find solutions that meet your needs.  Our legal advice is pertinent to your business and integrates with your goals and budget.  As your part-time, on-demand general counsel, we address and coordinate all your company’s business and litigation legal needs and activities and are available when you need us. We are an extension of your executive team.

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Your Legal Department.

Making An Impact In Your Business

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How We Do It.

With rates less than half the cost of traditional law firms (where actual experience as in-house legal counsel is scarce), we keep true to our business-centric practical approach to providing greater input, faster more flexible delivery, and collaboration – all at a price point that is practical and value-centric.  We leverage our in-house experience and the low overhead of a virtual office to offer progressive fee structures that allow you to better anticipate and budget your monthly legal spend.  As a result, you experience unparalleled legal strategy, review, and advice in day-to-day decision making.

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